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  • 金山区人民法院亭林人民法庭

    , tel.
    , , tel. more
    Courts 金山区人民法院亭林人民法庭 located in Shanghai, .
  • 洛社人民法庭

    Shanghai, Huizhou Avenue , tel.
    Shanghai, Huizhou Avenue , , tel. more
    Courts 洛社人民法庭 located in Shanghai, Huizhou Avenue .
  • 如皋市人民法院

    Yishou South Road , tel.
    Yishou South Road , , tel. more
    Courts 如皋市人民法院 located in Shanghai, Yishou South Road .
  • 郎溪县人民法院

    Shanghai, Langchuan Avenue , tel.
    Shanghai, Langchuan Avenue , , tel. more
    Courts 郎溪县人民法院 located in Shanghai, Langchuan Avenue .
  • 江苏省苏州市人民检察院

    Shanghai, Hongqiao Road , tel.
    Shanghai, Hongqiao Road , , tel. more
    Courts 江苏省苏州市人民检察院 located in Shanghai, Hongqiao Road .
  • 江苏省苏州市中级人民法院

    Shanghai, Liberation East Road , tel.
    Shanghai, Liberation East Road , , tel. more
    Courts 江苏省苏州市中级人民法院 located in Shanghai, Liberation East Road .
  • 司法局

    Jiangguan Road , tel.
    Jiangguan Road , , tel. more
    Courts 司法局 located in Shanghai, Jiangguan Road .
  • 常熟市人民法院

    Shanghai, New Century Avenue , tel.
    Shanghai, New Century Avenue , , tel. more
    Courts 常熟市人民法院 located in Shanghai, New Century Avenue .
  • 上海市松江区人民检察院

    Wencheng Road , tel.
    Wencheng Road , 100, tel. more
    Courts 上海市松江区人民检察院 located in Shanghai, Wencheng Road .
  • Shanghai Jinshan District People's Court

    Shanghai, Haoyuan Road , tel.
    Shanghai, Haoyuan Road , , tel. more
    Courts Shanghai Jinshan District People's Court located in Shanghai, Haoyuan Road .
  • 姑苏区人民法院金阊人民法庭

    Shanghai, Luoxiang Road , tel.
    Shanghai, Luoxiang Road , , tel. more
    Courts 姑苏区人民法院金阊人民法庭 located in Shanghai, Luoxiang Road .
  • 广德市人民法院

    Shanghai, Xichun Road , tel.
    Shanghai, Xichun Road , , tel. more
    Courts 广德市人民法院 located in Shanghai, Xichun Road .
  • Shanghai High People's Court

    Zhaojiabang Road , tel.
    Zhaojiabang Road , , tel. more
    Courts Shanghai High People's Court located in Shanghai, Zhaojiabang Road .
  • 嘉定区人民法院南翔人民法庭

    Shanghai, Hu-Yi Highway , tel.
    Shanghai, Hu-Yi Highway , 15号, tel. more
    Courts 嘉定区人民法院南翔人民法庭 located in Shanghai, Hu-Yi Highway .
  • 吴兴区人民法院

    Shanghai, Xishan Road , tel.
    Shanghai, Xishan Road , , tel. more
    Courts 吴兴区人民法院 located in Shanghai, Xishan Road .
  • 江苏省如皋市人民检察院

    Changning Road , tel.
    Changning Road , , tel. more
    Courts 江苏省如皋市人民检察院 located in Shanghai, Changning Road .
  • 泗泾人民法庭

    , tel.
    , , tel. more
    Courts 泗泾人民法庭 located in Shanghai, .
  • 普陀区法院

    Beishi Road , tel.
    Beishi Road , , tel. more
    Courts 普陀区法院 located in Shanghai, Beishi Road .
  • 上海市松江区人民法院

    Shanghai, Wencheng Road , tel.
    Shanghai, Wencheng Road , 80, tel. more
    Courts 上海市松江区人民法院 located in Shanghai, Wencheng Road .
  • 常州市金坛区人民法院薛埠人民法庭

    Xue Sheng Avenue , tel.
    Xue Sheng Avenue , , tel. more
    Courts 常州市金坛区人民法院薛埠人民法庭 located in Shanghai, Xue Sheng Avenue .
  • 泰兴市人民法院

    Guoqingzhong Road , tel.
    Guoqingzhong Road , , tel. more
    Courts 泰兴市人民法院 located in Shanghai, Guoqingzhong Road .
  • Gusu court

    Golden Treasury Street , tel.
    Golden Treasury Street , , tel. more
    Courts Gusu court located in Shanghai, Golden Treasury Street .
  • 常熟市人民法院辛庄人民法庭

    Shanghai, Justice Road , tel.
    Shanghai, Justice Road , , tel. more
    Courts 常熟市人民法院辛庄人民法庭 located in Shanghai, Justice Road .
  • 安镇人民法庭

    Anguo Road , tel.
    Anguo Road , , tel. more
    Courts 安镇人民法庭 located in Shanghai, Anguo Road .
  • 吴中区人民检察院

    Shanghai, Binxi Road , tel.
    Shanghai, Binxi Road , , tel. more
    Courts 吴中区人民检察院 located in Shanghai, Binxi Road .
  • Shanghai Minhang People’s Court

    Yayi Road , tel.
    Yayi Road , , tel. more
    Courts Shanghai Minhang People’s Court located in Shanghai, Yayi Road .
  • 如皋法院环境资源法院

    Yishou South Road , tel.
    Yishou South Road , , tel. more
    Courts 如皋法院环境资源法院 located in Shanghai, Yishou South Road .
  • 普陀区检察院

    Shanghai, Zhichuan Road , tel.
    Shanghai, Zhichuan Road , , tel. more
    Courts 普陀区检察院 located in Shanghai, Zhichuan Road .
  • 上海铁路运输中级法院

    Shilong Road , tel.
    Shilong Road , , tel. more
    Courts 上海铁路运输中级法院 located in Shanghai, Shilong Road .
  • 颛桥法庭

    Shanghai, Zhuàn shèng lù , tel.
    Shanghai, Zhuàn shèng lù , , tel. more
    Courts 颛桥法庭 located in Shanghai, Zhuàn shèng lù .
  • 南太湖新区法院

    Shanghai, Welcoming Avenue , tel.
    Shanghai, Welcoming Avenue , , tel. more
    Courts 南太湖新区法院 located in Shanghai, Welcoming Avenue .
  • 虹桥法庭

    Fu Hou Road , tel.
    Fu Hou Road , , tel. more
    Courts 虹桥法庭 located in Shanghai, Fu Hou Road .
  • 泰兴市人民法院 交通事故巡回审判庭

    , tel.
    , , tel. more
    Courts 泰兴市人民法院 交通事故巡回审判庭 located in Shanghai, .
  • Pujiang Courthouse

    Pu Jin Road , tel.
    Pu Jin Road , , tel. more
    Courts Pujiang Courthouse located in Shanghai, Pu Jin Road .
  • 常熟市人民检察院

    Changjiang Road , tel.
    Changjiang Road , , tel. more
    Courts 常熟市人民检察院 located in Shanghai, Changjiang Road .
  • 上海市四岔河农场区人民法院

    Shangnong West Road , tel.
    Shangnong West Road , , tel. more
    Courts 上海市四岔河农场区人民法院 located in Shanghai, Shangnong West Road .
  • Xishan District Court

    Xizhou Road , tel.
    Xizhou Road , , tel. more
    Courts Xishan District Court located in Shanghai, Xizhou Road .
  • 静安区人民法院

    Republican New Road , tel.
    Republican New Road , 3009号, tel. more
    Courts 静安区人民法院 located in Shanghai, Republican New Road .
  • Shanghai American Club

    Fuzhou Road , tel.
    Fuzhou Road , 209, tel. more
    Courts Shanghai American Club located in Shanghai, Fuzhou Road .
  • 横山桥人民法院

    Red Flag Road , tel.
    Red Flag Road , , tel. more
    Courts 横山桥人民法院 located in Shanghai, Red Flag Road .
  • Courts

    , tel.
    , , tel. more
    Courts located in Shanghai, .
  • 静安区人民法院登记立案厅

    Wuning South Road , tel.
    Wuning South Road , 448号, tel. more
    Courts 静安区人民法院登记立案厅 located in Shanghai, Wuning South Road .
  • 徐汇区人民法院

    Longcao Road , tel.
    Longcao Road , , tel. more
    Courts 徐汇区人民法院 located in Shanghai, Longcao Road .

A brief overview of courts in Shanghai

Here on this page is collected information about courts, located in Shanghai. Locator knows about 43 courts near this place among them 金山区人民法院亭林人民法庭, 洛社人民法庭, 如皋市人民法院 and other , which are located on Huizhou Avenue, Yishou South Road and other streets near. Here you will find the exact addresses, location map, ☎️ telephones, working hours, reviews about these courts.

  • How many courts in Shanghai?

    According to Locator data in Shanghai operates 43 courts.

  • Which courts are best in Shanghai?

    Locator recommends to visit the following courts in Shanghai: 金山区人民法院亭林人民法庭, 洛社人民法庭, 如皋市人民法院.

  • Where are the nearest courts in Shanghai to me?

    To find out which courts is closest to you, go to the Courts in Shanghai page and bring the Locator map closer to your location or click on the geolocation icon in the map control unit at the bottom right.

  • What are the prices for courts services in Shanghai?

    Prices for courts services in Shanghai depend on the specific service and courts. Locator allows all courts to specify prices for their services. To find out about them, go to the link on the service page or see the prices on the specific courts page.

  • Which courts services in Shanghai are better to use?⭐

    We recommend that you contact courts, which has a high rating according to Locator: 金山区人民法院亭林人民法庭, 洛社人民法庭, 如皋市人民法院.

  • How to contact these courts?

    You can see the contacts for communication with these courts pharmacies by going to their page. Locator provides the opportunity to contact by phone, email, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram and through internal messages on the site Locator.

Courts in Shanghai